Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

What types are available?
We offer the best methods of hair extensions in Perth at Viva on Beaufort, Tape and Beaded Weft Extensions. We source the best quality 100% human hair extensions for our clients and we always ensure that your is coming from an ethical source. We partner with multiple brands to give us a broader colour, length and thickness availability.
Beaded Weft

Weft hair extensions are our most common method of application. Amazing for thick long, lush results because multiple bundles of hair can be applied quickly for an instant hair transformation. They are applied by creating what we call a “track” along the scalp using microlink beads, we then hand sew tracks of weft hair into the track. This method is totally customisable and can be used for lengthening and volumizing.

These need to be moved up every 6-10 weeks depending on your natural hair growth and hair condition. Generally, brunettes with healthy thick hair can go for up to 10 weeks, blondes or finer hair types will require a move up every 6. We recommend to invest in a new set of weft extensions every 12-18 months.

Tape Extensions

They are applied by sandwiching a small meche of your natural hair between two tapes and fused using an adhesive strip. These are great for adding thickness and lengthening finer hair types. We can apply just a few tapes to fill out isolated areas of your hair, for example thickening up around the front where you might have some breakage or filling out a bob haircut.

These will need to be moved up no longer than 8 weeks and the hair can be used for around 6 months. They can only be reapplied a maximum of 3 times after that a new set will need to be installed.

How to Book?
Get in touch with one of our friendly team and we can schedule a consultation to take you through what would best suit your needs as no set of hair extensions is a one size fits all. All hair extension appointments will require a consultation prior to determine what method would be best, the colour, length and suitability. Then after a deposit is paid we can order your new hair and make an installation appointment for you. Keep in mind that having a colour and hair extension service all on the one day can be time consuming so be prepared for quite a few hours.
Hair Extension Maintenance Guide

Brush your hair daily

We cannot stress enough the impotance of regular daily brushing. Brushing your hair daily will prevent matting, fusing of your own hair into the extension and will improve general scalp and hair health. We always recommend to brush from the bottom up and to use a soft detangling brush.

Plait your hair loosely before going to bed

Doing this makes it easier for you to brush in the morning and prevents matting. A bun on top of your head possibly the worst style to sleep with because the bonds are going up in the opposite direction. A loose braid down your back with the bonds laying as flat as possible is ideal.

Dry your hair completely after washing

Making sure your hair is 100% dry after swimming of washing is so important not only for scalp health but to prolong the life of your extensions. You can expect some slippage at the adhesion points if your hair is left wet for too long. Moisture can get under the bonds of the extensions and can cause them to slide out.

Have them moved up every 6-8 weeks

We do this to avoid matting of your own hair and to prevent and damage to the scalp. Our hair naturally sheds and grows so we need to make sure those extensions are maintained as well.

Be gentle with your hair

Avoid tight hairstyles and unnecessary pulling on the hair.

Always use heat protection

Before using any sort of heat tools, always spray with a heat protector or styling product with in-built heat protection. This prevents any unnecessary moisture loss and prolongs the silky feel of your new hair extensions.

Use strictly the products we recommend

Hair extensions will dry out a lot quicker than normal hair so it does require a bit of extra care. We recommend using a moisture packed, low sulfate shampoo conditioner, leave in treatment, moisture treatment to do at home as well as treating your hair in salon at your maintenance visits. Using anything high in proteins or sulfates can dry out your extension hair and damage them. Toning shampoo can be used under the guidance of your stylist. Over use can dull the colour and take the shine from your hair. We always recommend never to use purple shampoos more than every third wash.
We always guarantee the life of your extensions but only if your following the prescribed home care and have purchased your products from our salon or our online store.

Avoid pools or spas

Heavy chemicals found in pools and spas will only cause matting and premature dryness to your extensions. Chlorine can alter the colour of your hair and also dissolve the bonds or tape and keratin bonded hair extensions. Avoid as much as possible and keep your head above water.

Shedding is normal

Over time, your hair extensions will loose a bit of fullness and that is completely normal. Its due to natural breakage from brushing, styling, washing, wind and sun damage. It happens to our natural hair too. Blonde shades are more susceptible to this happening due to the process of lightening the hair. We always recommend to replace your hair extensions with new hair every 12 months or so.

Do not colour your own hair

Hair extensions don’t colour the same as your natural hair and needs specialized colouring techniques. Leave it up to us.

Be thorough with your shampooing

Its important to get in between the bonds of your hair extensions to clean your scalp and remove excess oils and product. Be mindful to not rough the hair up too much and cause too much tangling. Always detangle in the shower with your conditioner in with a detangling brush or wide tooth comb.

Tightness or itching is normal

During the first week or so of having your hair extensions installed, you can experience some itching or tightness of your scalp. This is totally normal and will subside once they have loosened up slightly and settled in, this can take 2-3 washes and about a week. If this goes on longer than two weeks please get in touch with us.